Hieu My Nghe Campus in Hamlet 2, Hung Phong Commune, Giong Trom, Ben Tre is Phan Trong Hieu is son, a son of his native coconut.

"Growing up, I saw coconuts in front of me ..."

Growing up in the coconut-covered Ben Tre homeland, Phan Trong Hieu naturally attaches itself to coconut trees and its products. When he was a student, Hieu used to work at fine art facilities to produce products from coconut trees. Few people doubt that this is the time that Hieu has worked and learned, to gain experience for starting a business later.

Graduating from a university majoring in Marketing, Hieu quickly returned to his homeland with determination to master. The biggest asset for Hieu to start a business is the advantage of the premises at the house next to the river, convenient for collecting materials, eating and sleeping closely at the factory.

Phan Trong Hieu is choosing coconut shells for crafting.

Initial capital was only over ten million dong, Hieu spent to buy raw coconut shells and initial preliminary processing machines. To save money, he tinkered with his own grinding machine, coconut shell polishing machine. Picking up every piece of capital, he did not dare to hire workers, but he cut and sharpened each coconut bowl by himself, and had to create many new designs to compete with many other fine art facilities in the province. . Everyday, Hieu and his family can make from 200-300 coconut shells, mainly take the work to make words.

Coconut shells are crafted into orchid pots

Coconut shells are crafted and painted into decorative art

Coconut shells are waste products after processing coconut rice, buying preliminary dipper costs about 2,000 VND / piece but after making fine art items can sell 25,000-30,000 VND / piece. Hieu is facility produces coconut shells, water ladles and coconut shells for orchid cultivation.

Give Vietnamese coconut shells to the world

Phan Trong Hieu realized that the trend towards green living towards nature is very popular with Western countries. Products of Ben Tre coconut shells are completely natural, polished with coconut oil without using any other chemicals, very suitable for this green living trend.

Therefore, Hieu entered the Amazon trading page, looking for foreign units interested in natural products and marketing their own products. Hieu said: "My English is limited, so it was difficult at first. Customers who want to call directly about products, I do not understand, so they have to chat and chat with them, just do it and improve foreign language ”. So far, Hieu My Nghe is coconut shellfish products have been exported to Europe.

Foreign guests enjoy the pure coconut shells of nature.

Coconut dipper cups are introduced on foreign culinary websites

Besides, using knowledge from Marketing, Hieu actively go to social networking sites to introduce products of the establishment, find partners and opportunities to expand the market. To date, Hieu is facility provides about 40,000 coconut shells to the market every month, including exports, creating regular jobs for about 20 local people.